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My name is Detras Powell, I was born in Alabama and raised in New Jersey. I'm a mother of 5, a devoted wife, a proud stepmother and a Mee'ma to two little boys who stole my heart. I’m also The CEO and founder of Butterfly Rhythm, Women’s Empowerment Program, Author of the bestselling book – The Peppermint Kiss, a Writer/Producer of an award winning short film- Dare to Believe, as well as a published model, actress, motivational speaker and Inspirational giver but best of all, a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have fallen in love with the woman who God has designed me to be. I have learned to accept that I'm unique & I'm not like other people. My flaws have allowed me to embrace everything with pure grace. My smile is something that I take pride in because it is generated from deep within.

When I started my company Butterfly Rhythm – Women’s Empowerment Program, LLC – It was created with the purpose of instilling confidence and leading women to believe in themselves or even taping into modeling.


Butterfly Rhythm firmly believes it starts with confidence and knowing you can do it, if you love who you are, then you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. 


My program recognizes, like the butterfly, our lives go through phases and through those stages a person can become radiant.  

Once I discovered the power of Self Love, it has taken me on a journey that I promised myself – that will never end. I aim to inspire, uplift, motivate & empower others around me.


I firmly believe someone’s energy/spirit can shift the atmosphere in a room and what I have to give will always be amazing and positive to any room I step in. I want my energy/spirit to be so infectious it will cause the next person to smile and begin to fall in love with what’s hidden within themselves.

There’s a Butterfly in each of us!

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